The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all our lives in unprecedented ways and nowhere more so than in health care. Health care providers (HCPs), patients, and pharma are caught up in the here and now, managing immediate needs with a pragmatic and reactive focus. Yet, beyond the immediate reaction, we won’t return to the status quo – there will be lasting change in the way we engage and communicate across health care.

In our daily lives, much of our behavior is “automatic”. We fall into established patterns and don’t necessarily question our attitudes or actions. This status quo bias is challenged in periods of disruption, where we have no option but to consider alternatives. Currently, we are experiencing an extreme case of such disruption that will drive accelerated innovation and change. It has never been more important to look at health care communications through a behavioral lens if we are to shape the future, ensuring that our communications are fit for purpose and meaningfully meet the needs of HCPs and patients

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