Historically, pharma congress posters are presented, handouts are offered, and there is no lasting resource available, or understanding of how effective a particular congress poster is. Posters then began to be “digitized” by including QR codes with links to PDFs, but the user experience of PDFs on mobile devices is not always optimal and we still lacked a meaningful way to assess how people interacted with the scientific content.


A new and unique branded, non-promotional, online poster portal, which allows far greater levels of interactivity with the congress scientific content. Utilizing responsive design, users have a high-quality experience (no matter what device they use). For the first time, our client was able to see exactly how many people had viewed the poster and, more importantly, the level of engagement with both the overall content and with each part of the poster.


The metrics allow us to view information about a specific poster. For example, we saw 100% more views via the portal compared to posters accessed via a QR code. Additionally, 50% of health-care professionals who accessed posters via the portal downloaded the PDF version of the poster. Interestingly, metrics showed that the most viewed part of the poster was the Conclusion section, followed closely by the Results section. The least viewed section was the Introduction, which was viewed four times less than the Results. These insights will allow our clients to maximize the value of their posters and develop strategies to further disseminate the key information most used by the health-care professional community

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