Ensuring that scientific communications are evidence based, relevant, actionable, and have clear measures of success can be challenging. To be effective, translating evidence to action through communications requires an understanding of the “how” and “why” of human behavior. Too often, there is little evidence for the effectiveness of communications, so measurement of impact is a much needed element. Existing practices and processes often lack the ability to define and measure success, and therefore fail to demonstrate value of improved knowledge or changed behavior. Finally, to make this happen in an efficient and aligned manner, cross-functional stakeholder buy-in and tools to support engagement are essential.


INSPIRE is our metrics-driven communication strategy and planning approach providing smart communications to deliver positive behavior change. Using a flexible, modular approach, INSPIRE provides the pillars of success.

    - INSIGHT: The 5Cs provide a simple and consistent approach to obtaining a strategic viewpoint and human insight, uncovering the truth to inspire smart communications

    - STRATEGY: Our innovative approach to strategy workshops takes the insights and translates these into communication goals defined in behavioral terms that determine the consistent themes through the scientific communication platform and tactical planning, and ensures rapid alignment of key stakeholders

    - ACTIVATION: The focus on behavioral goals continues through tactical planning, whereby we focus on the capability, motivation, and environmental needs (e.g. COM-B model) to determine the optimal communication approach.

    - EVALUATION: Metrics with meaning are embedded throughout the process, to focus on the knowledge and behavior change achieved. You can see if the program has delivered its goals and use the learnings to drive constant improvement.

    We have reimagined communication planning to deliver better outcomes.


    Developing effective communications that change behavior doesn’t have to be complex. We have taken the “hit and miss” out of communications, placing the “how” and “why” people behave and learn at the heart of INSPIRE so that efforts can be focused where they will make the most difference. This provides you with the right goals, choice of tactics, and channels for successful communications – and meaningful metrics to measure success and provide actionable insights and learnings. INSPIRE also provides simple, effective, internal alignment and communications through our workshops, digital tools, and dashboards. Smart communications. Every time.

    We have reimagined communication planning to deliver better outcomes.