The ongoing management of publication planning and scientific communications platforms can be challenging, inefficient, and frustrating. Every team has a range of core documents, systems, and tools that regularly need updating to align with the latest data, targets, and goals.

Storage and sharing of information can be fragmented, causing version control issues and impacting communications across a range of business functions. Current systems and processes do not allow for publication planning and medical affairs teams to demonstrate their true value and potential; success measurements can often be as basic as completing the task or tracking a publication on Altmetric.


ELEVATE is an integrated, flexible, modular communications platform which is available 24/7 and easy to update. With password-protected access, the integrated platform is secure, user friendly, and cohesive across multiple countries, time zones, and business functions. True to its stated goal, “One platform, one story – aligning and elevating scientific communication”, ELEVATE offers an interactive scientific platform, bibliography, publications roadmap, and metrics, all tailored to fit your needs.

- The interactive scientific platform allows the user access to the depth of information necessary to meet their specific needs

- The interactive publication roadmap provides an “at a glance” and searchable view of the plan, and access to more detailed information

- The bibliography is linked to the scientific platform and publication roadmap

- The INFORMETRICS dashboard displays overall publication plan metrics and is supplemented by individual manuscript metrics, providing insights and recommendations

Ultimately, you choose the elements you need to tell your scientific story.


Managing it all does not have to be difficult; everything can be in one place. ELEVATE is a comprehensive, standalone solution that increases team efficiency and eases the burden of version control by centralizing an array of documents and information into an integrated communications platform. ELEVATE allows you to communicate your goals and find the information you need right away. It’s easy to update and version controlled using an industry-leading content management system. The built-in metrics provide insights and recommendations that demonstrate real value and allow you to continuously improve.

Let us elevate your communications platforms.